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I just ordered a pair of denon dj sc5000 prime tabletops and a denon dj x1800 mixer. Now is there a flightcase or some other protection available yet? Or is there protection you’ll recommend for this setup? I’m really looking forward to this great setup.



For something large, like the Prime items, I wouldn’t choose anything other than proper, hard flightcases.

Now here’s where it gets fun… normally the case layouts would be two decks and a mixer in one case, all wired up ready to go… the other option would be three separate cases to wire up before you can do anything …

But the 5000 is dual layer … you could practice mixes, perform seamless crossfades, practice turntablism skills etc on just a case with one mixer and one 5000, then have a single case for the other 5000.

Options options :smile:

Protection is key. And for gear like this (at least for me) nothing short of flight cases would do.

You’d have the option to wait for custom flight cases from the major case producers to hit the market (which can’t take all that long I think) or going to a bespoke manufacturer and getting some made to order. While more expensive, the latter option always appeals to me. For example I like the option of having the connections I use on the outside, so I don’t have to touch the connections on the players. Also your cases could have power in/power out connectors - PowerCon for example - so you can daisy-chain them, rather than having three power leads.

The other choice is DJ coffin or individual cases. It’s a personal preference thing. I have used both and while the advantage of a coffin is clear (like I just read Boothe say) with everything being hooked up and ready to play, but the sheer size and weight of the thing made me reconsider. So, if and when I get a Prime set, they will be in custom-made individual cases.

Good luck with your decision!

Thanks for the quick reaction :smiley: :+1:

I think I’m going for the individual hard cases. 1 flightcase for this setup is going to be too big & heavy as I’m going to use this as a mobile dj.

Is Denon planning of making such cases or should I look for another brand? And at this point are there some cases that I should take in consideration?

Many thanks :raised_hands: :clap:

HI, I took the measurements that are listed on the Denon DJ website and modified my ProX cases to accommodate the SC5000’s when they get in. At first since they are much lighter than the CDJ2000NXS2 I was looking at the Gator Club which is a soft case but decided to go to a standard flight case. As soon as I get them ill snap a shot and post.

I expect the usual suspects to come out with cases, like Prodjuser, Odyssey, Road Ready and plenty of others. This gear is making lots of waves, so the accessory producers won’t be far behind, I guess.

I would stay away from generic cases that fit “all” media-players. While the 5000s are the same width as other gear, the top configuration is certainly different and even the depth could be different. You’d want all that gear well protected, without anything putting unnecessary pressure on parts.

No clue if Denon is planning on making cases (they would most likely not produce themselves but OEM a third-party product if they do). If history provides a clue, then I think not. I can’t seem to recall ever seeing a Denon-branded flightcase. But hey, I could be wrong there :grinning:.

We also look after UDG Gear here in Australia, and we have contacted UDG to see if they have flight cases coming for these units (UDG started doing flight cases late last year). I’ll report back when I have news.

I’ve been having the same dilemma since ordering - how to transport.

I’ve always hated coffins and rack mount cases and such - I like to pull my gear out at show, sport it naked.

Since going digital in 2010 I’ve always managed to cram everything I need into backpacks, but obviously two media players and a full sized mixer are going to push that system out the window…

So now I keep juggling between three options:

  • Buy a big hardshell suitcase and get a custom interior made to hold all three pieces snugly in place. (Pro: Easy to roll around, stylish / Con: Not the most rugged option, hard to find compatible sizes)
  • Buy a proper equipment case (think Pelican style) and lug that around. (Pro: Most rugged option / Con: Most heavy option and not exactly cheap either)
  • Buy three smaller equipment cases (this is basically the flight case approach). (Pro: Easy to mix and match pieces if I don’t need everything, easiest to load into car / Con: Unless I can find a way to connect the three and add wheels, this is by far the hardest to move TO the car - no way to do it in one load)

I’m still not sure which way I’m leaning. I’m going to go talk to my case guy next week. He might help me get some insight. Regardless of which option I end up going with, I want Decksavers on everything. They’ve indicated they have something in the works which makes me happy - they really are the single best accessory you can buy for your gear.

Again, with the dual layer feature, why not have one 5000 in a hard case with the x1800, then the other 5000 in a case of its own.

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