Proper way to get music from computer to Prime 4 internal hard drive?

Hey gang…I am new to Engine DJ and the Prime 4. I have had my system for a couple of months. I am a little unsure if I am structuring my playlists properly and I’m looking for some advice. Maybe it will help others too.

  1. Should I create playlists within Engine DJ using my computer or is it ok to make playlists on the Prime 4 controller…I should phrase that as, “is it advisable”?
  2. When I open the Engine DJ software on the computer there are two columns showing my main computer hard drive (C:) and then my internal Prime 4 hard drive (called PRIME). Should I be creating my playlists on the computer C: drive side first then Syncing them to the PRIME drive? Or is it ok to create all my playlists directly onto the PRIME drive?

I want to be sure I am using the proper workflow so that all my playlists backup properly and show up properly on the Prime 4 controller. I appreciate any tips or tricks.


I’d recommend storing your tracks and making playlists on your computer’s internal drive, and then using the Sync Manager function in Engine DJ to get those copied across to your Prime 4’s internal drive

This gives you the flexibility to put together playlists/add new tracks/etc. on your computer without being connected to the Prime 4

You’ll still have the flexibility to create new playlists, add hot cues etc. on the Prime 4 directly as well. Personally I only really do this out on the road when I don’t have a laptop with me as I do most of my preparation ahead of time on the computer.

The Sync Manager pane in Engine DJ will help you push changes made on your computer to your Prime 4, and also pull changes from the Prime 4 back to your computer

Thank you @OzoneNZ , So you are saying that I can sync back to my computer drive if I make playlists on my Prime drive? That would be great if I could get that to work. Even with 1.6 I could not get the sync to push my playlists from my Prime drive to my computer drive. I would make a playlist on my Prime drive and use sync manager, click on export and it does not show up on the C: drive side of EP. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I will keep playing with it. Thanks again.

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My workflow

  1. I don’t have any music in my computer I use an external SSD
  2. I create playlists with the external ssd (collection drive) in engine dj Mac/Pc
  3. I export playlists using Sync Manager from the ssd (collection) to a small prime drive (performance)
  4. Both main ssd (collection) and performance drive can be used with Engine OS (decks)

Yes, with version 2.0 you can get it.

EDIT: Obviously the tracks you used to compose the playlist on Prime 4 must be present in the collection on the PC (Engine DJ 2.0). When you use Sync Manager with direction from remote drive (internal SSD, SDXC, Usb key, etc.) to the collection, you will then see the new playlist appear in your local collection.

EDIT 2: No, I was wrong. I imported some playlists from the USB stick to the main collection and they appeared in the list. But as soon as I removed the USB stick they disappeared :joy: :rofl:

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Didn’t know this

In fact you were right: for now it is not yet possible to do so. Read my edit above.

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