Proper setup for Traktor to run through X1850

Hello- I am running two SC5000 units with an X1850 mixer but would also like to occasionally integrate some one shots through one of the 4 channels on the mixer from Traktor. Basically I’d like to use some remix sets on my Traktor F1. Question is can I set one of the 4 decks to USB for sound input when I want to do this (let’s say USB 1 is the designated input on the mixer) and connect USB 1 over to my Traktor running laptop. Sound didn’t seem to feed through when I tried it - latest firmware for the mixer, and I selected the sound card on Traktor as the Denon X1850 (which maybe was my error) – I’m just trying to understand the proper configuration where the sound can travel via USB from the Traktor laptop and be recognized by one of the designated mixer channels.

Thanks again for the help.

@NoiseRiser is the traktor man.

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Hello @DJFo4,

First of all You need to to rout the sound. Only selecting a soundcard will not finish the job. Go to traktor input and output setups and choose what You want to do. Are all 4 traktor decks going to be mixed in the laptop and send out to the mixer as one master output to the selected mixer channel? Or you want to assign traktor decks to each mixer channel and switch between decks and traktor sometimes?

On the mixer it self You need to switch as previously to USB 1 (if the cable is connected to usb1). Also on the input selector You need to select the usb symbol on the channel that needs to get signal from Traltor.

If You are running internal mixing mode, than by default Your audio is routed to mixer channel 1. You can change that in Traktor Audio output settings.

Thank you! Figured I had to adjust output and input in settings. Really appreciate it. My backup plan was to simply connect a line level rca from a small Z1 mixer on the laptop to the 4th 1850 channel and switch between line and digital depending on my source needs at the time.

You folks know your stuff.

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Glad, you have it sorted out. Happy mixing!

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Yes I just tried it out --all good – just had to figure out what of 1 thru 10 options I had to select in Traktor routing and sound came through perfectly. Thanks again.

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Great, if You have any more questions, let us know.

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