Promised features of the MCX8000 for when?


First of all congratulations for the new teams of the prime family, I know they must have been very busy developing the new equipment but apparently they have forgotten the users that we trust in denon long before this and we bought the MCX8000 with the promise of stage linq that still does not arrive in addition to some reported and confirmed bugs that are not yet solved, in this thread Doubts about the future of the MCX8000 - #2 by JWiLL answered me that it was working on it but it has been several months and I see that the promised features with which this equipment was sold to us and the existing bugs remain unresolved while other equipment is often upgraded, I think the owners of these equipment We deserve an answer since we paid for functions several years ago that have not yet arrived while the prime series owners received features such as Wi-Fi that were not even announced when they bought their e quipos


It is still a current product and should be updated.

After the beta there were noises that it wouldn’t be developed any more per say but any bugs found would be fixed. That doesn’t seem to have been the case though.

Were there any bugs found? Important ones?

Is there any memory space left in the 8000 for any new firmware features?

@Antchi If you sell a car saying that it will run at 300 KM // h and then it only reaches 100 you have a problem since customers can claim, the stage linq is printed on the box and was promised more than 3 years ago and nothing, besides the to continue being a current product, the bugs must be corrected, whether these bugs are important or not just points of view, it is important for you to use virtualdj with prime, maybe not but for me if it is everything it depends on the person but in the In case of errors in the equipment, these must be corrected, whatever they are, because we pay



I’m not selling a car.

The 3000 Khm car has already seem to be made to do 2999 khm , it just needs the stagelinq button on the dashboard connected up.

It’s not recording all tracks to history. That’s one for a start.

Is there a element in common with the tracks it does save to history and the tracks it doesn’t save to history? Like long titles don’t save or titles with foreign letters don’t save to history? That sort of thing ?

here is another confirmed

Well that’s a good thing then, so mcx users are just chasing a when instead of an if . Cool

3 years of waiting you stop shortly after paying about 1200 USD approximately, I wonder what you would think if all that is missing from Engine Prime and the solution to the bugs would be postponed by 2025? I guess you would be happy

1200 is cheap for what the 8000 does and is. If I still owned one, I’d be happy - it’s more like a prime 4 but without touch screen .

Some of the things they add to Engine prime will continue to benefit the 8000 so that’s cool too

I am happy with my MCX8000 but that does not mean that it does not bother me that they leave it forgotten as if we had no value as customers or our money was worth nothing, we trusted denon from the MCX8000 and put our money in it even if it meant waiting a bit for certain functionalities but just wait a bit not to be forgotten, because I have to buy an independent team to control the lights when mine promised to do it and pay for it

They haven’t - the bit you quoted earlier mentions “the next firmware update”

You’re maybe sour that the full prime range gets some attention. But that happened after the 8000 got its massive firmware update after a lot of forum beta testing by the looks of things on forum posts from a year or so ago

It is not only about the updates but about functionalities for which I pay that do not exist, that can have serious consequences for companies as it happened to amd, it seems to me that 4 years are more than enough wait (in fact an exaggerated wait ) and against without correcting buses for more than 1 year (the unmarked traclist bug is firmware 2.0), I repeat that I love my mcx8000 but I am somewhat disappointed with the company for the broken promises

Please see the post below :slight_smile:

MCX8000 Firmware v2.2 Private Beta Team Open Recruitment!


I would love to participate since I have been quite critical of Denon waiting for this update and I would like to help thanks for listening to those who trust in this first great controller that marked the steps to follow the prime series


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