Progressive loop


I’ve seen a video that pioneers can progressively reduce a loop with the jog.

Is this possible with denons?

Here is a video: CÓMO SE HACE: acabar sets (Hardwell, Garrix, Guetta, Armin...) - YouTube

Thank you!

Using the jog is a really rough and imprecise.

The primes can reduce a loop size using the pads and parameter knob

Yes, it would be rugh and imprecise.

But I would like to do it, as it appears in the video, in closing moments or to change the style. And I think that as it appears in the video, doing it with the jog is finer and not so rough if you do it with the pads or the knob parameter.

Why would you want rough and imprecise?

Something like the parameter knob “clicks” to register each half/double so you’ve got tactile feedback of your instruction/action being made, and hopefully acted upon.

Just moving a platter gives no such reassurance.

Also how much of a platter turn would the deck need to be given to make the change? A quarter turn? A half turn? Whole turn ? It’s so passive and loose.

Ok, I know how to do it.

It is pressing “out” twice.

What I want to do is like in the video, that’s why I’m interested. Thank you!

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This feature was added a while back. You can do it with the In and OUT button

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