Problems with setting up the MC3000

hi i have a problem configuring the MC3000 i mapping traktor but the phono line input channel says not supported. so now i can not hear the monitor from my headphones (cue) Any help to configure?

You need to use Denon ASIO driver, not the windows WASAPI. Read the manual.

the problem is not in the manual. the problem was the last version of traktor. i have to downgrade to to fix the problem. but thanks anyway

Thats because you have the 32bit ASIO driver installed. When you upgraded the Traktor version it installed the 64bit Traktor.exe for which you need 64bit ASIO drivers. If Denon doesn’t have 64bit ASIO driver for MC3000 (because it’s an older controller that is discontinued) you can use Asio4All universal driver.