Problems with setting up the MC3000

Hi there! I hope you guys and/or girls can help me out with this…

I bought a Denon MC3000 a couple of years ago, used it for some time and then it ended up in a box after I moved to a new house. Today I suddenly decided to take it out again and plugged it in my pc. It all looked fine in the first couple of minutes, but then troubles started…

The first steps: Conntected the controller to my pc via USB Logitech speakers were connected to my soundboard via a 3,5mm jack I reconnected the 3.5mm jack to the master output on the MC3000 Turned the MC3000 on and voila, sounds was coming from my speakers!

Next steps: Installed AISO 4ALL V2.14, Denon driver 1.0.0, firmware and Traktor Pro Rebooted my pc as prompted Troubles started

At this moment I have the following issues: There is no single sound coming from my speakers at all Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc. won’t even start to play, it keeps buffering (that is really strange, right…?) Controller input is not displayed in tractor; operating sliders/knobs/etc. don’t do anything in Tractor, like there’s no input

I tried all kinds of settings, Googled for solutions, searched forums, did the setup wizard in Traktor and so on, with no results so far.

It did work before, I succesfully played audio through the MC3000 in the past, although I remember having troubles setting it up back then. I finally, with some luck, found the right settings then, resulting in a proberly functioning controller, but unfortunately I can’t remember what I did…

Again, hope you can help me out with this one. If you have any questions regarding my current settings I forgot to mention, don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks in advance.

Too soon… Just uninstalled the Denon driver and AISO driver and now it works perfectly fine!

Thanks anyway!

Ok. Glad you’re sorted