Problems with my Prime 4!

Does anyone here have any idea what’s going on with my prime 4?

I recently came to boot up my Prime 4 and weirdly it took ages to load up and get to the menus which I thought was odd and it all came crumbling down from there.

I am getting no output at all from the controller, no master, booth or headphone output. The touch pads are not responding to anything and I am not able to set hot cues or use any of the other features. The pitch fader does not work at all with no response from it. The controller is also reading wrong BPM from the songs on the drive.

I wasn’t updating the controller or doing anything with the firmware previous to it not working, I just booted it up to have a mix and these problems have all happened.

While troubleshooting the controller I tried every angle I could think of trying to get it to work. These include…

Factory resetting the controller. Reinstalling the most recent update. Re-analyse all my songs on the usb. Trying a completely new USB. Using a usb that has been analysed by rekordbox.

Im just out of ideas with what to try next, it’s like the firmware has just messed up inside. The controller is in perfect condition where it has never had a bump or knock and always carried around in a hard case when moved.

Any help would be much appreciated

Hello @MattH, Did You tried to re-upload new software on it? If not, try and let us know if this helped.

Yep no luck I have tried all that :slightly_frowning_face:

You tried a direct cable to computer update or by usb stick? I would try a computer to prime 4 connection by usb and update. Maybe try also a precious version, or any known public beta? To get to update mode hold eject on power-up. If all fails, try to contact Denon dj customer support.

Had to send the unit back for repair, the motherboard blew and had to get it repaired, hopefully doesn’t happen again