Problems with FX

Hey Denon Prime GO Fam!

I have been using the Denon DJ Prime GO for quite some time now and I love the portability. For me, it’s a great device to bring anywhere and start playing wherever your are, with or without speakers.

However, I have had issues since Day 1 with the FX. Always when I use ECHO/DELAY/HALL or REVERB the db audio seems to go up.

I checked online and this is something even Mojaxx mentioned in his review of the Denon DJ Prime GO (6:40): Denon DJ PRIME GO Review | Tips and Tricks - YouTube

Sometimes this works when you want to make a fat buildup, but in comparison with other controllers, it’s not how FX should work. You should not require to have it on all the time once moving the WET/DRY knob, just to maintain the db level of the whole song .

Mojaxx video was made in July 2020 and there still does not seem to have been an update here. Am I missing something or have Denon DJ staff just seem to have ignored this issue?


Hi there!

The problem is still there, when you add an effect volume increases.