Problems with Engine and SC2900

The following problems with engine, crashes every time Engine crashes when creating playlists. Some analyzed songs can not be loaded from the stick into the SC2900, but go under Engine. I am using Win7

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Can confirm! I’m also using Windows 7 and do have regular Engine crashes while analysing or simply playing tracks on my SC2900. Especially FLAC seems to be a problem - more or less impossible to have them analysed without crashing.

Neither the SC2900 nor Engine are supposed to analyse or play FLAC files.

You’ll need to run them through a convertor to WAV for lossless or MP3

Thanks for the fast reply - I wasn’t aware that FLAC isn’t supported. In general it’s possible to analyze and also play those tracks but as I mentioned before lots of crashes do happen.

Please use Compatibility Mode!!!

Set compatibility running mode to Vista SP2 and no more freezing.

Tested Windows 7 X64, more than 6000 file in one session without freezing.