Problems Toggling between Laptops/USB

Last three gigs playing with TWO LAPTOPS on my 7000 been problematic.

I play a set, then switch over to my partners laptop. Switch back to mine via USB button and there is not output, the track is loaded and playing but not coming out of the mixer. No lights on fader eq, nothing! Only solution is restarting SERATO DJ.

I thought maybe it was my older laptop, running Yosemit/Serarto DJ but it happened to the other DJs laptop as well, who is running newer Macbook Pro with Serato DJ PRO. So it has to be something with the controller…?? It is very frustrating!

Firmware was upated few weeks ago and ive only had the controller for a few months. No other problems when djn, usb drop outs, etc…Just this issue with toggling between computers. Please advise.

Maybe some usb sleep powersaving option on the laptop?

Hi @GreenB

If only restarting Serato solves it, sounds like it may be Serato not fully connecting with the 7000. Could also have something to do with the other Mac not completely letting go. Especially newer Macs with the Touch bar have some trouble with audio devices disconnecting while in use.

Before you restart Serato, do you notice if the controller is recognized by the mac in the Audio/MIDI setup?

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I think what you’re describing here is actually a “feature” of the 7000, rather than a problem.

I use a 7000 with Traktor rather than Serato, & I get a similar behaviour. The difference with Traktor though is you can see what’s happening as you can see the software mixer as part of the GUI on-screen.

So… if i’m DJing using USB input 1, but i switch a pair of channels to USB input 2, I can see the channel gains on the USB1 Traktor computer are reduced to their lowest setting as I switch.

If I switch those inputs back to USB1, the gains stay set to to their minimum value. …i have to then manually turn them back up.

It’s basically a deliberate setting to ensure you don’t blast out audio too loud when you switch back to a previously used soundcard.

Ok, that is interesting…But I am confused by “GAINS” i switch back to my laptop, load an MP3 and it shows as playing (in serato dj) but no audio is coming out from the 7000/specific channel.

Sorry, i may have used the wrong term. Gains = level on the MC7000 (knob at the top of each channel strip).

Try turning turning the level all the way down, then back up to you the value you normally use. …you need to turn it all the way down first due to a feature of midi called “soft takeover”.

WOW…yes…I hope that is the solution!! Thank you! I will post in this thread if it works…

Same here. Did the solution worked for you?

How about you test it for yourself and report, user thisisian explained very well what is happening and how to solve it.

Hey! Ironically…all of my gigs have been solo so I have not been able to test if it works…I am anxiously awaiting! Let m know if you have any luck. I will report back ASAP

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