Problems in engine

Hi, I updated engine prime to the latest version installing on the same folder of the previous version, I didn’t uninstalled the previous version because I was worried that my engine database could be deleted too.

First problem when I add/update tracks: I have a root crate called Music and under music I have all subcrates on the left side (c: drive), for example I add some tracks on the subcrate deep house on the left side database, now I want to update the usb drive if I drag deep house crate from the left to the right side in the root music crate, the deep house don’t go under music root folder but outside the music root folder. I tried in many ways but the only working solution is to drag single tracks on the right side or drag the entire music root crate and this is a slow time process.

Second problem and this is a real problem: when I export to mcx8000 as final step the new tracks added are not copied on the mcx8000 database and I see on the right side the tracks in red as missing files still with the path in the engine library (not in denondj2 path). I removed these tracks in red from the collection I re added again the tracks the export to mcx8000 but nothing, again the tracks are missing in red.

what can I do to fix the problem ? all tracks are flagged as mcx8000 compatible and I also tried format again the usb drive but I didn’t resolved.

Maybe the problem is that I updated engine prime overwriting the previous installation in the same folder ? But I don’t have any error or issue when I work with the software and it’s updated to 1.3.1 version.

Am soooooo glad someone else is having the same issues. I too was going to the same thing as you with updated tracks I thought I was the only one. I had to call Denon an speak to a tech about this. He didn’t understand why this was happening. I also wrote about it on the forum but didn’t get no response. I did kinda fix it. Am using iTunes to import into engine and work it from there. Which works but I rather do it the other way which is from the root of my folder going to engine. I’ll call the tech tomorrow and let them know what I think happened when they updated to 1.3.1. As long we all work together and help one another and leave negative comments out. We can make Denon #1 :wink:

Hi, thanks for your reply, for now I find a way a solution: Delete all files and folder on USB drive, empty USB drive. Copy and drag the root crate with all subcrates to the right USB drive. It works only for the first copy, do not drag again the root crate or subcrates for update or add new mp3 files. Export to mcx8000.

Then if you add new tracks you have to drag the single tracks to the USB drive, not copy an entire root crate or subcrates. Then export again to mcx8000. This is the only workaround that I found that works.