Problems CUE denon sc2900

I press CUE and the song does not stop, I press and hold CUE and it does not play. Only play/pause works, I have not touched any of the configuration parameters. Before it worked fine. Attached video as you can see that the 3900 works fine and the 2900 does not work CUE.

Changed the “Cue point mode” in the settings?

No, what do I have to put in the parameters?

If one of the decks is behaving differently compared to the other, then go through the parameters on both decks, one by one and make sure the parameters on the left deck are the same as the parameters on the other deck - a sort of A to B comparison.

Maybe “Cue mode: Denon” is set on one player, but “Cue mode: Other” is set on the other deck.

It’s worth downloading a copy of the manual as there a lot of parameters and options on this deck.

I only have a sc2900, another is a 3900 and the parameters menu are different. If someone had a sc2900 and could tell me its parameters? Thank you

On the video is a S3700, not SC3900.

Most likely your SC2900 has under “cue point setting mode” selected “Denon” instead of “Standard”