Problems… Again…


I am a proud owner of a sc5000/x1800 booth since 2017, which has hardly given me any faults, at least when it comes to the players. The mixer is another story…

I am a professional DJ, I earn my living with it and I need reliable equipment with me, and with my x1800 I have not obtained it at all.

Everything was fine until a year and a half ago, channel 3 gain got out of control. When you wanted to adjust the input signal it would go through the roof or just disappear. I didn’t take the table for repair because in the city where I live (Granada, Spain) there is no official technical service and because I can do my job with only 3 channels so I let it be.

The serious problem came yesterday, when I was DJing, the disco was full and, suddenly, the audio started to sound very dirty and it stopped. All the lights on the table indicated that the signal was coming in correctly but there was no sound outside.

I was able to continue my session thanks to an auxiliary mixer who was in the disco.

Today I tried to fix it with the famous “cables between the ground screws” since everything seemed to indicate that fault, but it hasn’t helped, it keeps failing.

Also I notice that Engine Connect doesn’t work anymore.

I’m pretty unhappy with the reliability of this kit right now. it is impossible to work with it at this point and it is impossible for me to get the table serviced since the estimated repair time is 3 months.

3 months in which I could not work.

I put this post as a vent because I’m at a point where I don’t know what to do. My X1800 is not reliable and also Denon has few technical services in Spain (where I am from) and they take a long time to repair…

have any of you had a similar problem?