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Bonjour REN3MARTIN, je viens de visionner ta vidéo et je vois que la clé de ton laser n’est pas présente dans la serrure ! Ta panne viendrait-elle de ça ? Cordialement Jjb.

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Hello, thank you for your interest, if you mean the key that activates the laser, yes, it is connected, in the on position, the key can be removed to store it, I do not leave it on, also, the auto mode and the sound work correctly, Thank you

In the end, I managed to solve the problem, and I share it in case someone else has the same problem… in the end, everything worked correctly, but not on any DMX channel, it only works on channel 001. Before, it was configured on the channel 1-17 the first moving head, and followed by the other heads, bulbs and so on…

the laser used the following channels, but it didn’t work, I deleted everything and used channel 001 for the laser, and it worked without problems, so I had to reconfigure my DMX addresses on all the lights and the problem was solved.

I don’t understand the reason very well, but the truth is that using channel 001 for the laser works correctly, the rest of the lights and heads, it doesn’t matter what channel you use, as long as it is the same in the focus and the DMX map of Soundswich, but on my laser, it only worked on channel 001, thanks for your help