Problem using Serato with Sc6000M and LC6000

Hello, I have using SC6000M with Denon X1850 mixer with Serato Dj Pro.

When I play music with this set up with Serato, I have the following problems.

After a short period of time of playing the sound becomes wobbly / wavy, like I’m playing with dirty Vinyls on DVS mode.

This happens more often when I play in loud enviroments like in the Pub that I am working.

I have tried to play without the players connected with serato, only the mixer and the soound is a bit better.

I also noticed that when I disable the motor on the platters of the SC6000M the sound also is gettin better.

I don’t know if this is a mixer problem or a tracking platter issue integration of the SC6000M in Serato Dj Pro.

I will try to play with another mixer to see if the problem persists.

The second problem is that when I hit play and the motor on the player platter is on, on some ocasions, the platter is tring to start, move very a little bit and it stops, the song is doing the same in Serato.

I also mention that I have purchased a brand new laptop Mackbook Pro 16 2021 with M1 Pro chip because of this problem, but the problem stil persists.

The players and mixer are connected directly to USB ports of the laptop without any HUBS involved.

I have use the latest updates of the Mac OS and Serato Dj Pro.


I think I have found what is causing the issue, I have test this wobbling sound with LC6000Prime conected and with X1850 mixer connected to serato, when I move the Jog Wheel to Pitch bend down or up the song and the Pitch’n Time is activated, it does this wobble, or simply play the song when it pauses and moving the Jog wheel forward by hand to play it.

Since the SC6000M is motorised platter and the song is driven by the platter itself when the motor is on, it is doing this wobble.

I noticed that this wobbles is very less when the Pitch’n Time is off.

I also noticed that when I set the latency to 1 ms this wobbles it settles down but it is still present a bit.

And I also noticed that when the mixer is set to 96KHZ this wobble is highly present all the time no matter how latency setting is.

I have made a short video with the LC6000 conected to understand the wobble.

This wobble is present all the time when the I play with SC6000M and the motor platter is on.

I will do a test and a video with the SC6000M with platter motor on.

Do you have the setting for anti drift turned on too? i cant remember the exact name but it was added to stop wow and flutter from a turntable, i found it to be annoying so turned it off, it could be contributing to the problem.

I have tried with this option on and off, no matter if the Anti Drift is on or off, the problem is the same.

I think it is an implementation issue or bug since this players / controller works in HID mode.

I also tried with DVS disables, still the same issue.


I have done the test with the SC6000M and I noticed that when the motorized platter is on and you are playing in a loud enviroment, like clubs or events with a lot of bass, the sound gets this wobble / warble, if you disable the motor on the platter everything sounds normal.

Both players are doing that on Serato Dj with pitch’n time on, latency 1ms.

I also noticed if I change the latency to more than 1 ms, this warble is more present.

I hope the tehnical see this post and corect the problem by a further firmware update.

I have also report this problem to Serato to.

i have the same problem with my denon sc6000M players and x1850 in combination with Serato Dj. in a setup with a lot of bass, the sound sounds distorted… the more bass, the worse… first thought it was my computer… it was formatted and still have the same problem… when using from another mixer in combination with my sc6000M players also the same problem… hope Denon can solve this soon, because this way I can no longer play with this set on location!

I know, the problem still persists, I have report this issue to serato and denon to, with videos, and they said that they can not replicate this issue, and I think that is a lie. If you turn off the motor, this warble dissapears, and also if you turn off pitch’n’time in serato, this issue dissapears, but not totally.

This is a serious issue and I think denon is ingoring us.

Have you report this issue to Denon and Serato with video and audio recordings ? Maybe this will solve if we are more members that reports this problem.

I have forwarded the problem to Serato and Denon, both have not replied yet… I am now using Virtual Dj with the SC6000M players. Here I have no problem with sound distortion. I hope the problem will be resolved soon

I think it is a Serato issue if in Virtual Dj works good. In stand alone mode, also it work without problems.

Please let us know how the problem was solved. Thank you !

small update: In the meantime I have been in contact with Serato Dj. We’ve done some tests and it turned out that when Pitch 'n time is switched on, the distortion is very strong. When this is switched off (in the menu with expension packs) the distortion is as good as gone. This weekend I’m going to run on my Denon set with Pitch 'n time turned off, to test whether the problem has been completely solved. I’ll keep you informed. Hopefully Serato can fix the problem with a next update.

I have tested this on this week-end by myself and see that distorsion was gone when I disabled Pitch in Time from expansions menu, I was going to write this here, thank you very much for confirming this.

This issue it will be to hard and tricky to solve by Serato, it need to change the Pitch in Time algorhytm.