Problem to update players

Hey Guys,

i have a problem to update the Firmware at the sc-5000 to version 1.2.2.

I received my Players one week ago and they have the firmware 1.0.3 installed. Because it’s not possible to update the firmware via USB Stick, i try to do this via the Update program for computer. I tried now several times, with three different Laptops (1x MacBook Air / 2 x Windows Laptops) and two different USB cables.

I have the problems with both players.

I put the SC-5000 in Firmware Update mode, but nothing happened. I received all the time the message in the Firmware update program “SC5000 PRIME NOT DETECTED”. Then there is the message to activate the Update modus, but nothing changed. I tried it several times, but nothing happened.

I here also the sound at the windows laptops, that a new USB device is recognized.

Could anyone send me an older version 1.2 for Mac or windows or both, to try this out. Maybe the 1.2.2 Firmware Update program is not fine.

Many thanks in advance.

Hey Burky,

Are you putting the player into update mode before trying to flash it?

Hi Burky

I know this sounds obvious but if your player is an 5000M then make sure your trying to update with the sc5000m update and not the standard sc5000 and vice versa.

Hope you find the solution soon

No, it’s a normal sc-5000

Hi, i tried both.

I tried it another ten times and now it works. But please don’t ask me, what is the difference.

Players together with your Desktops can be bad maybe if you don’t have virus then it’s fine.

Yes virus bad for desktop.or laptop.

Usb playback better