Problem prime 4

Big problem, right jog freezes, channel 2/4 cue is not heard and right play often freezes, I’ve tried everything, someone has the same problem

excuse my irony! but nobody here cares about solving problems! they are all busy asking for stupid new features before problems !!!

While I completely agree with you, if you continue posting on other people’s threads on unrelated issues without even pretending you are trying to help you may find your post flagged for spam. By me first.

but look I’ve always tried to help if I can, but now I see that very few in this forum try to help! the others are only able to complain because denon does not insert their functionality so urgent according to them, so for me they can also ban me so much I do not consider this forum useful anymore nor the help of the administrators !!! you know I have two tickets open for a while now and no one has answered me! then I also commented on instagram ironically a denon post and they answered me, if you have problems open a ticket with denon !! my answer was i opened it already, and do you know what i got? that they have not even answered me anymore !!!

in fact it is very ironic that no one cares about the problems but they are all focused on the new features, I opened the ticket but no one answered, now I try with the dealer to change the console. Thanks for the reply

K couple of things to try.

First off. Check the earth connection in you cables.

Next off are you wearing shoes/trainers or just socks ( bear with me) if just socks make sure they are not nylon. If shoes or trainers try holding the tap in bathroom for a minute then try. That will eliminate any earth problems and ensure we are not dealing with a static issue.

Next off how long has this been going on for.

Is it only on certain songs.

Is your laptop connected but running in standalone (if so unplug it and if usb cable is plugged in unplug it).

Try rolling back a couple of releases and see if that helps.

Let us know.

I also faced such problem. Very disappointed in Denon quality. I read different versions of software 2.0.1 -2.2.2. The sensor on the jog hangs completely or partially. Play/cue doesn’t work, hot cues. It is rarely used at home and here it is.

I tried to do everything you said, but nothing happens, I will send the console back to Denon. thanks for your help

It’s just like me, all the same, I’m very disappointed, I’ll send the console back to Denon and see what they tell me. Thank you for your contribution

It’s good that there is still a guarantee, but what should I do?

Hi Vitor, were you able to solve this?

I’d try emailing Denon, if you find a contact and ask if this is a known bug that can be easily fixed.

If they don’t answer, I’d have the unit replaced under warranty.