PS: I use google translate sorry … hi all, I have a gigbar2 of the chauvet dj, all set up fine on the soundswitch software. and it recognizes it well at 23 ch, I have already asked the soundswitch support, but they did not help me as they should, they wrote me to see a tutorial, and then to ask here on the forum and stop !! so I tried to translate slowly from English, but with great difficulty, and I did something !! the only thing I can’t find in the tutorial programming, is that the PAR lights are missing, so I can’t program them, in fact in the tutorial he explains, how to program, the STROBE, AND THE DERBY MOVEMENT, THE PARS ARE MISSING, so please you to help me … to understand what they are and what name they gave … also help me to understand what kind of lights and scene to give, because now I am setting all the AUTO function, then I go on ADVANCE, I choose the DERBY light, I assign it RANDOMIZE ALL and then I apply, to all my playlist folder of songs chosen with genre for example house, then I select GENERE HOUSE TECNO, the software scans them all, I press ok, then save the export project on the folder chosen engine library and everything is ok !! for I miss the programming of the PAR lights, which I do not see in my GIGBAR 2 device set and chosen on SOUNDSWITCH at the very beginning of the program launch, therefore, following the tutorial, he sees my lights kit, he sees and hears it quietly , but then inside the program, I see the lights on the right, I also see that it calls them PAIR, but on the left instead, there are only the names STOBE, DERBY, the PAIRs are missing, how can I show them? on the left column where there are all the program functions, they do not appear, and from there if there were I could select them in order to then change their values, intensity type, color, flashes etc etc … I ask you for help please .I insert the link of the video tutorial that they gave me … thanks again

PS: THIS YOUR VIDEO TUTORIAL : GigBar 2 Tutorial - YouTube