Problem erasing ssd drive

Hi guys just got new sc6000m and installed 4tb sad drive.

Trying to format on MacBook Pro exfat and master boot record but getting an error message

Error process has failed

The disk is too large to be supported by the given partition scheme

It seems exfat and MBR are the ones I’m advised to choose from researching it

Any ideas??


MBR has indeed a maximum of 2TB in partition size.

So what should I use

ExFAT with MBR should be used, but you’ll lose nearly half of the drive space. If you have 2 SC6000’s, I would opt 2x 2TB SSD’s in both and split your music, if you’d need that space.

GPT seems to work sometimes, but you’ll probably get an error.

Thanks but exfat and mbr give me the error so how do I even use them and lose half the disk space?

I’m confused as to why there is supposedly no limit on ssd size for the sc6000 if you can’t use more than 2tb with the correct settings/format.


You need to make a partition on the disk of a slightly lower value than 2TB. If you format that partition, it should work. However, you could try GPT, but I think it won’t work. I cannot test both hypotheses at the moment, as my drives are 2TB per SSD (and I’m using Windows, so not in detail familiar with MacOS disk management).

Thanks reese appreciate your help brother!

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If you search on the forum with “4TB” as parameter, you’ll see similar topics with different experiences.

Mac user here.

I do my formatting in Disk utility

I have 500gb ssd and a 4TB SSD….formatted exFat and GUID partition

They all work without any issues with engine prime and the prime gear.

Use ExFat and GUID.