Problem ! Beatport Link Data USB - PC

I’ve been using the Prime 2 for a few years and just got myself a SC Live 4 !!!

When syncing updates to my Beatport Link playlists/hotcues/loops I make from my Prime 2 internal SSD back to my PC this worked fine , I would open Engine DJ on my windows PC , find my internal SSD and click the “ Sync to engine “ button and everything would sync back to the pc no problems… the Beatport Link tracks would be there grayed out with a B next to the drive name saved in my library

Switching to the SC Live 4 , I have no internal SSD so I sync playlists from engine DJ to USB , This works fine , all the data is waiting for me on the USB On my unit . If I change any Beatport Link playlists/hotcue/loops on the unit i plug back the USB to my pc again , find my USB in the Engine DJ sync manager but now I can’t click the anything to sync button it’s grayed out !!!

I’m missing something ? The USB should work the same as the internal SSB when syncing back to Engine DJ ?

Problem solved !!!

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