Pro Dj Link/Engine Connect LAN protocol share?

Do you think it will be possible to connect the Pioneer DJS-1000 to the X1800 or SC5000 units for tempo sync purposes? I realize one helping the other “could” cannibalize sales, but it could also allow folks like myself to connect the new Pioneer sampler directly to your wicked setup - which in some cases could keep Denon users from slowly migrating over to Pioneer, right?


Just use the 5-pin midi port on the X1800, isn’t that enough?

Nope, not enough :wink: Syncing with MIDI is a pain in the ass and not accurate at all. I’d go as far as saying it’s useless for this purpose.

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In the specific case of the Pioneer, since they both have LAN connections I hoped they could just talk. I use 5pin to sync, and most gear does this well. The DJS-1000 has manual tempo adjusts to the hilt, so it will be able to sync - but it seems like LAN to LAN should be a similar communication protocol, right?

Besides, you have but one MIDI out… Why not use that for other gear?

I can live without it - specifically on the Pioneer units, because I can match myself, but others may say “I don’t really beatmatch” and just not bother. Communication between the two would be nice.

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And I get the sarcasm there - but product lines that talk to one another offer an ecosystem of simplicity (Roland AIRA) and they sell based on that.

Until/unless there’s a Prime sampler that looks like a baby between an MPC Live and the SC5000, making their product line friendly with things like the DJS-1000 would be a smart move.

I won’t buy Nexus products just because they are LAN hub compatible with my sampler, but many consumers will.


@Bobbyduracel I’m curious if you’ve made any progress with your Pioneer DJS-1000 + sc5000 sync question. I was using a full Nexus setup with my DJS1000 but I’m hoping to at least be able to do decent live sampling + simple syncing (sampler to master). My setup also incorporates vinyl/turntables so the ability to live sample and then auto-sync whatever is coming out of the DJS1000, while mixing vinyl and everything else is invaluable.

Ultimately, the real answer to the possibility/feasibility of cross-ecosystem ‘friendship’ is in incorporating something like Ableton Link. For those not familiar with Ableton Link (not Ableton the DAW) it’s an open source “technology that synchronizes musical beat, tempo, phase between devices on a local network” (from ) .

I just used the pioneer as manual beat-matched for simplicity. A friend now owns the DJS in his studio and I sold the Prime kit while it was still $5,700 new, so I walked away with my money before the prices dropped :slight_smile: Now the Akai Force is on order & I am wondering if the link slot on the rear will sync to the Denon mixer/players, or if they’ll just activate LINK on the players finally - so it’ll play nice with the Force and other gear. Ableton Link seems to be the answer here for all units involved, especially the MCS units with wifi and bluetooth already installed.

In the interim, while I wait for Denon to update a few things, I’m just using both of my Macs - one runs Maschine and the other Traktor. It’s fine, and they sync up nicely, but I do miss the Sc5000 setup. Those pad modes… Fun for DAYS!

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I’m pretty close to just selling my DJS-1000 and seriously considering Force. Though maybe I’ll just hold off and see how things play out for a while. Other than the fact that DJ Pro Link doesn’t really talk to anything not-DJ Pro Link (aside from using github-produced hacks and such), I did like having all my players, sampler, mixer, etc. all no the same network. HEh, maybe MIDI 2.0 will be the answer…

I’d get rid of the the pioneer 1000 ASAP , before more people hear of the Prime 4 and pioneer prices fall on both new and secondhand models

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I loved the toraiz units, but the force places ableton workflow in the standalone MPC Live… once it hits, and IF we all share immediately that the unit has no glitches or bugs, it’s over. Anyone who loves ableton workflow AND DJ’s, which is a TON of the market, will look at it.

They will also do the math. The denon sc units are infinitely more fun than the pioneer, they’re way cheaper, and they’ll sync to this ableton-in-a-box.

It’s going to be a bad year for Pioneer DJ. Sell the DJS if you’re already thinking about how cool the Force will be.

While it’s possible that one day Denon DJ could release a comparable DJ/performance/sampler/sequencer for the Prime ecosystem that syncs with the proprietary ‘denon link protocol’ (better yet, simply syncs via (ableton) LINK) and allows for live sampling, etc. I still have to give respect to the Pi0neer designers for almost making a groundbreaking, game changing (etc) machine - but sadly it’s been crippled to death.

If you’re thinking the newly announced “AKAI FORCE!” I’m split over what it might be capable of…but I suppose that question is for another post.

Does anyone know if a Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2 could be connected to a Denon X1850 mixer via LAN connections such that the Denon quantized beat fx will work?

If I remember right, there was a video, where they sayid that the sampler is on the target list. So let’s stay patient :slight_smile:

Hi @ok2burn, welcome to the forum!

I don’t think it’s possible. It’s not the same protocol between brands.

You can, however, use the ethernet, so that two XDJ’s share their info.

Did You tried already a mix setup linked together, like 2SC’s and 2CDJ’s linked to X1800? I think, the SC’s will see each other, and CDJ’s will also, but they will not share data between platforms, even on the same network. But I didn’t had time yet to check it…

If setup A will stay in sync with itself and setup b will stay in sync with ITself then you’re only having to keep A in sync with B - much like a DJ Keeping the left record in sync with the right record. That shouldn’t be too hard, really.

Depends on the protocol of data share. We can use some data analyzing tools to sniff out what data goes where. But anyway I think it’s good just to check what would happen if we have both systems on the LAN connected and just observe.

Haven’t tried. Haven’t used Pioneer since the CDJ-500.

But it’s what I stated: no sharing between brands, but within a brand they work together. It’s not some kind of weird LAN switch in the X18xx, just normal network.

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I meant keeping the pioneer combined output in sync with the Denon combined output , by ear !

It’s only going to be the same as keeping two vinyl records in sync , and if we’re going to call ourselves DJs that should be easy peasy

I was only talking about sharing files (usb stick) not music in general or beat matching.