Prime4 unboxing livestream 7/7:30pm EST today if anyone is interested

I received my Prime4 going to unbox it when I get home. Figure I could share the experience with anyone interested. Currently scheduled for in 2 hours, but might start in 90 minutes if I get home earlier.

Hi @Dity, great to hear! Congratulations!

Before you do your live stream please take some time to review the great tutorials, FAQ & documentation to help you get started:




Thanks J

Video Unavailable. :frowning:

I took it down… I was a bit overly negative on it. I’ve gotten more positive on it with more time. Still needs quite a few improvements in regards to Rekordbox integration and layout, and I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it or return it… I’m a bit on the fence still.

Not knowing how to work it all is always a risk with unbox to master user in x seconds “live”

Works for sausage rolls, but not so much on disco gear

You’re forgetting that ultimately this is a completely different system. Rekordbox integration should be seen as a nice add-on. I suggest using it with engine prime.

Yeah, it’s more that I’m a Rekordbox user, and one of the things advertised is that it’s an easy transition between both systems. It’s definitely more nuanced than advertised, but all djing gear usually is.

@S_Anderson Haha that’s a great way to describe the challenges of a live unboxing. I redid the video, which I posted up after spending more time with the system. Still ended up being slightly lukewarm on it, but it’s less to do with the hardware and more with the software and compatibility issues I was having.