Prime4 - Connecting an Android smartphone to USB

I decided to connect my smartphone with Android to USB as a USB stick. Denon does not see it as a pendrive but always hangs half of the Prime 4 function - 10/10 times when I got there, at what moment the Play CUE JOG-i buttons hang etc. etc. The touch of the display works. This is an error - denon malfunction

Smartfon Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE PLUS - Android 7.0 Tablet Samsung Galaxy TAB A - Android 9.0


There’s a offic big report form you can fill out as you’ll need to give big loads of details.

What version of Android your phone was running, would be a good bit of indie to put on the form for sure

I will put the movie on youtube right away because I recorded it but during recording P4 also hung up for the first time as you can see at the beginning of the movie and I don’t know why. The software is totally unfinished and has bugs - I think this is unacceptable in stable version 1.3.3

Never meant to be used with a phone. The phone would have to be formatted to exfat or fat32

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The fault is this sentence is the first letter.

In other news I have found if I plug a TV in to my prime 4 it doesnt run Netflix SMH :laughing::joy:

I’m not understanding what you’re saying sorry

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Oh boy !!!’

I’ve never heard anyone connecting a phone to a Prime 4 other than charging it up. Why would you want too !!!

see the movie at the beginning of the post. Smartphones, tablets have the function of transferring files, it works like a typical USB stick. That’s why I connected to check if Prime 4 will read the files.

Well then just format your phone as MBR and ExFAT and you’re good to go!

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That should work - yes

The data transfer rate will go down depending on the grade of cable your using. Just don’t see the point when you can use thumb drives or a ssd

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