Prime4 + and Autoscripting

Hey there,

I’m currently on a XDJ-RX3 with RB-DMX solution and I’m thinking of changing my setup to a Prime4+ with Control one.

On product page of prime4 + you can read the following: “With the on-board power of Engine Lighting, you have full access to customized or automatic light shows for saved or streaming tracks.”

Does this mean, that the prime4 + is able to autoscript Tidal and Beatport Tracks by itself? As far I can see, I have no possibility to autoscript streaming tracks in Soundswitch software, or do that to loaded tracks while the is a connection to a PC running soundswitch. The Pioneer solution is working fine with streaming tracks, but except the marketing text on Prime4 + page, I was not able to get any information about this topic. And by the way: Need to pay 8 $ a month for using Soundswitch software after spending 2500 $ on Denon/Soundswitch Hardware is a pain in the ass!

Thy for help.

You only need soundswitch when you want to add lighting equipment or when you want to make changes to the staging of your existing lighting equipment. Because it seems to me that soundswitch scripts can be generated directly from Engine Desktop for all your tracks during export if you have enabled this parameter in the export options.

That’s why you’ll only need soundswitch occasionally.

If you want to use soundswitch all the time for whatever reason, you can opt for a one-off purchase rather than a subscription just when you need it.

Unfortunately it currently cannot internally auto script streaming tracks. It’s been spoken about before and I’m sure it’s something that will eventually happen but currently it’s a ‘no’.

Soundswitch, although owned by inMusic, is a separate product to Engine and is used by other software to bring light shows to Serato/VDJ etc.

Having Engine Lighting built into the Prime hardware gives you a on-screen touch controller so you can play your light show files that you’ve created in SoundSwitch on your hardware. Go for the monthly option if you want to cancel at any time or as said above, buy outright.

SoundSwitch is fantastic for what it does and with their DMX interface (which you need) gives great playback options within the hardware.

You can use NanoLeaf colour panels & Philips Hue for free on Prime hardware.

Hope this helps.

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As MrWilks said its not possible to use autoscripts on streaming tracks. It will however use your precreated Autoloops for that. Not as advanced as the autoscripts, but good created Autoloops are still a solid option.

On the price point, the dongle costs 42 Euros and the full License of the software around 200 dollar. Which is still cheaper than the 300+ for the rb-dmx, which is by far not as good as soundswitch. Since pioneer never really put efford in it and now discontinued it, its not really a competitor anymore. However you an use engine lighting with hue lamps and others light producers for free.

I had a used Pioneer DDJ SZ with Serato at the beginning. Than looked at lightning options. Even 2-3 years back than, Soundswitch was superior to the RB-DMX. Now SS is even better. Because of SS i switched to denon and never regretted it. The automated shows are pretty nice.

Another option could be MaestroDMX | MaestroDMX. This would work with your pioneer gear as well, but costs 700 bucks.

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Thanks for your provided information. But due to the fact I’m using mostly streaming tracks these days this is big bummer for me. Autoloops… well… for me it is a little better as sound to light.

Yesterday my ControlOne arrived and I did a lot of tests regarding Autoscript and Autoloop. Handling the SoundSwitch Application is a bit hard. And trying to get the fixtures done at what speed I desire (Movers) seems currently impossible to me. Repeating Autoloops seems also to be not working fine, because my fixtures are doing colour changes and moves I did not setup in the Autoloop. On the other side Autoscript is really good, results are close to the things I would set them up manually. If this would work for Tidal and Beatport as well, I would already have ordered a prime4 +. But it is not, so the search goes on.

inMusic is a big problem for me. Some years ago I bought MixMeister and because of that I know how they handle support of their products and their customer. Paying 400 € for a product that only blows your Windows installation and to get not even an answer from the support is not as funny as it sounds.

Looks like it and seems to be important for stand alone user. For me is just the result, that is important, even if I need 2 Laptops for it. Up to now using the RX3 stand alone with a connected Rekordbox laptop was quite okay for me. This combination works as well for local tracks and for streaming ones. But the result are not good compared to autoscript solution. Hopefully autoscript will come to Engine one day.

Do you mean Autoloop or Autoscript?

I don’t see here any improvement compared to Rekordbox DMX.

I would love to do this as well. From development point of view Pioneer is a product which no improvement and Denon is bringing their product to another level. Autoscript for streamin tracks and I’m in as well.

Over the last year I bought: Lightrider Daslight 5 RB-DMX Soundswitch

So next one has to fulfil my requirements.

They discontinued it? But they just released the FLX10 with integrated DMX.

This looks very interesting. Needs some investigation. As well as:

The InMusic support is getting better but not great, however i must say if you have a problem with Soundswitch, these guys realy help you out. Had even a Teamviewer session to solve some Resolume/ Soundswitch problem.

I deleted all the existing autoloops before that and created completly new ones. Since you worked with DMX before i think all the other problem points, like right dmx adresses and so on are not a problem here. My moving heads work pretty well.

On that point you are right, the Autoscript thing is so much more advanced, i dont stick that much with autoloops either. Only if i use a song that i want and didnt download before uses my autoloops and i am never as happy as with the prescripted tracks. Maybe you should consider for that purpose to download songs.

They moved it to the archive a while ago and now put it back (here it is stated as well:

Dont know what the real plan here is, but it is so expensive with no development and problems with the integration of new fixtures, that its a dealbreaker for me.

Overall i dont have a real clue if the streaming X soudnswitch is coming, but the streaming thing seems like a pretty important thing to DenonDJ. With the integration of the Engine cloud database of the streaming song database, i dont see why soundswitch should not be able to use this data. With the the online storage of the beatgrid it could detect and autoscript the lightshow. But we will see, i have high hopes.

@olli2k Did you get your MixMeister issue corrected?

Hi, I’ve been messing around with SS for a while now and I have to say. There really is a solution for everything here. No, I don’t work for the heap. But let me say this, even if you only use steaming songs, with Autoloops you have a lot of possibilities to use your hardware. I know DJs who only and exclusively use autoloops. You can set exactly what you want to happen at the venue. And that’s what we want. Automatic light shows that do what we want. You still have the option of overwriting everything in performance mode.

Personally, I have problems with Engine OS because the beat grids are not set correctly. With the result that Engine Light does not set the lights syncon. But honestly, this is all whining on a very high level, because we all know what we have let ourselves in for. I’ve managed a lot of expensive solutions in the past, and now I’ve decided that a DJ doesn’t necessarily need to spend 2500 on a moving head.

If you have spent 1 million on your event lighting then you don’t discuss the price of the control. If necessary, you do it manually. Sorry too far out.

Sound Switch gives you the possibility to control your lights so that the music fits. :slight_smile: There are many ways to influence your show to make it your perfect show. The important thing is that you have to familiarize yourself with it in order to understand everything and be able to make your decisions. To find the right solution for you.

We have Microsoft to thank for Software as a Service, they started this crap. On the other hand, programmers are always paid per project. They do great things and are rewarded with 5c. I think everyone knows how hard it is to earn money. Sound Switch is not bug free and it costs money, yes.

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Have you reach out to SoundSwitch support or on the FB group to help get more dialed?

sorry no Facebook

For more detailed support, email