Prime WiFi Hype: Why?

Here’s fifteen honest questions for any Prime ecosystem user that publicly defend their “love” of the semi-recently activated WiFi capabilities on the sc5000 and other Denon DJ Prime players. (* It should go without saying but just to be sure, please note: these questions are not intended as a personal attack on users of Prime products or employees of InMusic.)

Fifteen Denon Prime WiFi Questions:

  1. Can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to connect to a local drive on your home network that has your own digital music library on it?

  2. Can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to connect to a cloud-based drive (eg. google drive, dropbox, etc.) that has your own music on it?

  3. Can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to update the firmware?

  4. In the event of an issue or malfunction, can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to trouble shoot or send system reports to Denon DJ Support?

  5. Can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to connect to online databases like Discogs to enhance your metadata/id3 tagging or learn more about a track/artist/etc.?

  6. Can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to live stream your playlists in realtime on OBS or similar?

  7. Can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to join an active Ableton Link session (or any other open source, non-proprietary protocol) allowing your player(s) to sync with any of the hundreds of available pieces of hardware, software, and/or apps that are Ableton Link compatible.

  8. Can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to field realtime song requests for situations like weddings and other events?

  9. Can you use Denon Prime WiFi to access realtime feedback (be it social media, chat, RSS feeds, etc) of any kind from an audience, community, or the world at large?

  10. Can you use Denon Prime WiFi to access MacOS’s Audio MIDI Setup utility (a feature available on all Macs starting in 2001), allowing AMS to make the player(s) part of a networked MIDI configuration.

  11. Can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to connect to a Web MIDI API (found, for example, in Google’s Chrome making it available on Mac, Windows, and Linux).

  12. Can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to connect to any open source or proprietary communication DJ protocol - for example, something similar to Pioneer DJ’s Pro DJ Link, allowing players, mobile devices, and Pioneer’s Rekordbox software to communicate via wireless LAN (Denon Prime WiFi ) or LAN connections?

  13. Can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to connect to any open source or proprietary DJ lighting control software/hardware (eg. InMusic’s Soundswitch or open source Open Lightning Project)?

  14. Can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to connect to any third party service that is not TIDAL?

  15. Can you use the Denon Prime WiFi to do any single thing that is in any conceivable way WiFi-related (besides enter your WiFi name/password and connect to TIDAL)?

14 /15 - Soundcloud Go in public Beta right now.

Other than that, it is a quite new option and as they might have thought of it as option to access Streaming services from the beginning, there has been new feature requests made to what other things we could do with the WiFi connection.

Try to see if some of your ideas already has a feature request - if not, I can only recommend that you make one (or more :slightly_smiling_face:).

Personally I think its great that we can access Streaming services, and I dont really need more than that. But sure, it would be cool if I didnt need to connect my computer to do a firmware update. But I will never rely on the internet connection anywhere, so I always bring most of my music.

Kicking the tyres and chewing the cud will only boost your post count, not actually put any ideas toward denon.

As Engle said above, check the suggestions already properly logged in the dedicated section and if your ideas have already been done, like them, or if the idea isn’t already there then fill one of the suggestion forms with all the details, one topic per each suggestion.

An age old technique in (counter)sales. Ask many questions to which you know the answers will be no in the most part. Suddenly this makes whatever it is you are asking the questions about, look bad. “Wow, all these things and it can’t do any of it!?!?!”

It is way more subtle than bashing a product, but at the end of the day (despite the disclaimer by OP) the intended end result is the same, making this product look bad.

So, with all kinds of due respect, I think the whole premise of the OP’s questions is wrong.

The Prime 4 is neither a tablet nor a laptop, it’s a standalone DJ controller. It’s the first of it’s kind to even feature WiFi (and cabled networking) and the first use for it has been to enable wireless streaming. Originally with Tidal, currently testing with SoundCloud and - no doubt - with a slew of other streaming parties, maybe DJ Pools and what have you, added.

As the OS and WiFi offer many POTENTIAL options, the question always remains where are we gonna focus our development resources. With Engine Prime not quite there yet, that - to me - rightfully deserves more time than the whole midi connectivity issues for example, or social media interactivity. Cause that is the second denominator in making design and development decisions: “how many people would be interested in this feature?”. As previous posters have said, there is a perfectly feasible option to enter all your desired features (one by one) and then other users can “vote” if they like them and would like to see them implemented also. If enough people do, it will eventually make it’s way to the top of the wishlist and become an implemented feature.

My three cents as usual, but I am tempted to qualify this post as “hogwash”.


Of course, what has backfired is that if someone was to ask the question “Which device is MOST likely to offer the following 15 luxury / non-essential features?”

Then Prime is the answer.

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There you go :smiley:

Didn’t know it was a hype even.

Apart from streaming, I already use the ethernet network to open music from another Prime device, which is far more stable than WiFi anyway.

If you miss all the 15 questions/options, then yeah I see you’re having “a bad day at the office”.

Personally, I think I only miss number 1 at the moment. Perhaps 3 and 4. The others are not for me, but if they are available, I would probably use more of all the 15.

Again, I would not use WiFi in all 15, but the ethernet connection.

Requested here

Beatport link coming soon.


I’m more bothered I cant delete through prime, or that I cant edit tracks in any way through the standalone.

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Not a WiFi thing

Is Pro DJ Link open source?

I could have swore there were feature requests to do track offloading from EP on a computer over Link. That’s an old thing we’ve been asking for.

I’m not even an user of denon wi-fi streaming but I agree that is a great feature.

But then again, I would probably be the first one to bring a pocket wifi jammer to somebody’s gig if I realize they are depending on streaming lol (semi-joking)

Does WiFi/Tidal Streaming allow me to carry less tracks with me?

  • Yes!

Ok, I’m done here…

Really, I like that I can come with way less songs on my stick/ssd to a job where I roughly know what I will be playing and where I know I have a decent connection. Now I carry about 1000 songs with me instead of my whole library with 68k songs. If there are a few wishes that I don’t have on my stick I can most likely fill that gap with tidal.

Even with a SSD in my Prime4 searching takes quite a while (up to 20secs) with 68k songs on it. It is MUCH faster with only 1k songs.

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And your questions are in comparison to what other stand-alone player/controller on the market? Please quantify.

What is the purpose of this topic? We only recently enabled WiFi (and wired) internet, we absolutely have plans to expand this capability in the future.

Are there other DJ products on the market that offer this type of advanced tech yet? None that I am aware of, we are leading in this area.


Well said. We can now close this one as SOLVED!

Is this true? I guess I’m going to find out in a couple hours when my Prime 4 arrives.

Is what true ?

@sixth replied to a post that stated “you cannot delete tracks from the Prime4 unit”.

Yes it’s true, u cant delete songs from the prime. U cant delete off your USB, you cant delete off your internal ssd (if you install one). Presumably that’s to be added since it seems such a no brainer but who knows…

When I say u cant delete I do mean in standalone mode. Obviously u can remove tracks through your PC and that… but u cant turn on your prime and delete a bad song. You cant even remove a song that is unavailable, it just goes red and stays there.

Dont let this put you off the tech though because it’s a great piece of kit.

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