Prime Two channel Battle mixer

I would love to see a two channel Battle mixer with 4 Input like the zone 23 mixer have two independent input on each Channel But the size of the rane 62 or the s9 mixer. I do know rane Numark denon is all in the same family so they could come from rane or Numark I don’t care just need it thank you


So basically Denon X600 mk2?


I also would like to see a prime Battle Mixer like Pioneers S9. Is there coming up something like these Denon? :slight_smile:


What mixer features would you expect to see on a Prime mixer, that you wouldnt expect to see on a non-Prime mixer ?

Basicly a mix of an SC5000 (2 x 8 pads + screen + Engine Prime core) and a 2 channels x1800 Prime. Useable with an brand new 9" or 12" midi motorized platter player or old SC2900 / SC3900 in midi or link mode.

Or If possible with an Engine prime DVS mode :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: directly on USB drive.

With a product like this Denon DJ kill all the another brands.

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So basically you’re after a Rane 72 and a pair of Rane 12s

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@Gee_DenonDJ I know this ain’t the Rane forum…ive been to the Rane forum and it’s crickets there btw.

Anyways if you see any of the Rane guys at lunch or in the parking lot tell them not to forget to add auto BPM detect to the line/Phono inputs for the FX engine.

I own a 62 and only just realised that it doesn’t auto detect BPM for the SC5000 I connected via RCA.

I have to tap the tempo everytime I need to fire the inbuilt FX . And as someone that uses a lot of Echo when I’m mixing it becomes tenuous. I believe Pioneer has this feature already it takes only a few seconds for the hardware to guess the tempo of the live track.

Good thing about rane mixers is that they have channel specific FX buttons.

I’m still happy with the 62 though. I cleaned the crossfader today and it’s razor sharp cuts all day.

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Next time I’m grabbing a sandwich with them, I’ll mention it - although I think they’ve got it covered.

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Just went through the user manual of the other rane mixer that has on board FX (Rane 64) and it does not detect BPM of Turntables or Media players connected via RCA input.

They have only four sources of BPM information

x = Manual tap

S = Serato



Do a X600mk2 without dedicated midi buttons and a slightly wider X700 (midi buttons, usb hub for Rane Twelve compatibility, higer quality upfaders).

Yes for the mixer with the 7" SC5000 screen and Engine Prime inside it.

If the dev team can make an DVS version or a DVS Primed interface i think Denon DJ touch the Graal…

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Just swapped out my 62 for the S9. The S9 has auto bpm for cd/line/phono audio source.

As an alternative, If the Rane 72 can be “Primed” it will be neat (as ye are having sandwiches buy the Rane lads a latte).

It has a USB hub already that one can use with 2 SC5000 for Serato purposes.

Big ask but not only it will add value to the 72, it will save the R&D guys from having to do a Denon Prime 2 Channel alternative.

Lunch finished (Frozen yoghurt this time) and the answer from the Rane guys is…

Yes, the 72 has both “analogue listening” for BPM calculation, with Tap overide for any complicated beat patterns - it then uses that information for controlling all sorts of actions, even beyond the effects on the mixer.

It’s all good, as I think that things have moved on from “Battle” simply meaning basic, feature lacking or cheap, which was how things could have been interpreted about a decade or so ago.

Wow. That’s good to know. Thanks for quizzing them.

That’s exactly how it should be. No point having internal/hardware FX that is only useful when Serato or software is connected.

Will wait to see the initial reviews. The last time I owned a 4 Channel mixer was about 5 years ago hence why I’m not buying the X1800.

See what the SC5000 has caused :joy:.

#RiderChanged until further notice.

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I’m glad you’re thinking positively about it all.

Just to be clear “analogue listening” isnt an advertised named feature of the 72, it just seemed the best way of describing the requirement

I’m glad to see people think just let me about the 1800 mixer when I started this discussion people say just get a four channel mixer I think they are too big and People say don’t mix up the brands I need to feel comfortable with what I’m using if a next mixer have most of my needs I will use it then they need to understand what genre of music do you many play I Play mostly hip hop reggae R&b pop so I don’t need most of the features on the 1800 mixer when I do like with S9 it Is the headphone slider

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I m at two channel guy too and open open format dj. I play everything eg Afrobeats, Hip Hop, Pop, House etc.

I’ve never needed four channels.

Though when I buy controllers I always get the 4 channel ones as for some reason they always pack all the flagship features, and by the time manufacturers release the 2 channel version they always seem to cut down on the features.

I dont mind mixing brands… my OCD isn’t that severe. I buy what suits my work flow. So if Rane 72 will be the ultimate 2 channel mixer I’m going to strongly consider it.

My S9 is my road mixer that’s what I take to gigs.

It used to be the 62 but that’s been relegated to the home studio now.


Wow. The Rane 12’s make me consider boxing up my Technics, and that’s never happened. Do they feel like “the real thing?”

Is there any chance of a more compact 2 channel (or 2 channel + like X23) Denon Prime mixer? The X600 would be fine for my needs but is discontinued and tough to find used for a sensible price.

An X600 with an improved FX section (strip or pads) and Prime Ecosystem features would be so great!

It’s surprisingly tough to find a compact mixer with decent fx and a monitor/booth output. Ecler Nuo 2.0 (compact but no fx) and A+H: X23 (filter only, No IEC and ugly as sin)

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I support the creation of a battle mixer! place in a blender (rane 72 and s-9)

  • 2 double layer channels.
  • Large screen with all the information. Bpm and quantifier reader for dvs.
  • Double 32-bit audio card.
  • pad that works with serato and offline (like the sc5000)
  • Independent effects and filters. large amount
  • Shortcuts like loop, dvs search
  • Fader settings and crossfader manual. no digital
  • LAN communication with SC5000, external applications such as lighting and future creations such as the rhythm machine (type djs1000)
  • usb 3.0 device connection
  • Output booth with tone control.
  • Auxiliary input with cue of previous listening.
  • Exit the sample with cue pre listen.

that’s what I have for the minute

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