Prime Series White Edition spotted in Miami

This image has just hit socials - looks like an SC5000 & X1800 Prime ‘White Edition’ spotted at Miami Music Week…


Ok, I am sold. Truth be told, I currently (also) own a DDJ-SX in a limited Gold edition. Not my choice but the result of a gear swap. I took a while to grow on me and I also said I would never buy something like that myself.

But I have to say, these just scream IBIZA! LOL

Seriously, I’d be considering those.

I was thinking the same thing.:sunglasses:

I prefer black maybe I’m too conservative.

You guys don’t do things by half-measures, right? :sunglasses:

Maybe for home or bedroom use, white equipment is ok. This was installed on a little boat. Ok, for those people who want white or colored equipment it’s ok, maybe for home or bedroom use, but i’m not into this…