Prime SC5000M / Xone 96 Setup for Sale

Hi Guys,

Hope this is inline with forum rules.

But it is with great sadness that I have to sell my SC5000M setup. This is due to work and family commitments.

Unfortunately I have been unable to use them, my DJ’ing has had to take a back seat for a while.

Boxed as new, they were purchased back in October from DJ Kit in the UK. There is 6 months warranty left on them.

I also have an Allen and Heath Xone 96 boxed and unused, bought in November from a Brighton retailer.

This is a great setup, I would like it all to go to a good home. Please PM me if interested, sorry UK only.

Happy to answer any questions. Pick up from Brighton/Worthing area in Sussex if possible.

I just sold my djm-900nxs2 and picked up an A&H xone:96 a few days ago, and just connected my sc5000 to lines 5 and 6. Good luck with the sale.

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Thank you, shame I have to sell. I will buy again when I have more time.

Enjoy your setup :sunglasses:

Have you thought about renting the equipment out?

I have thought about hire, spoken to a few event companies. But where I live in the South of England, it’s the old story of, if it was Pioneer…

I really want to show off the potential of the Primes to as many DJ’s I can. Thinking of approaching a couple of bars and small clubs to see if they will do a hire agreement.

Did that in the 90’s in a couple of Brighton bars/clubs with lighting, worked out well at the time.

A big part of me doesn’t want to let them go, it’s a fantastic setup. But it is not getting any use, due to full time work commitments.

With the new firmware coming in a couple of weeks, I am eager to see the results :sunglasses:

Great tmes are ahead, that is for sure. Will see what happens.

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I was in the same predicament as you a while back and sold my nexus setup and bought a small controller to play with. 2-3 months later I really regretted not having them and bought the nexus2 setup (sold those but only to move to the Prime setup which I love).

My point is, I realized even if I was not using them out, I still wanted them for that odd time I might have a couple hours to play. I will never live without my gear again LOL

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Been there done that. Will always have something to play on.

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