Prime MIDI jogwheel idea

I’ve always preferred Denon DJ products and have just started using the awesome X1800 after updating from my trusty DN-X600. This has reminded me that there is a definite hole in the market for a simple single-deck jogwheel MIDI controller. I used to use a pair of DN-SC2000’s but always felt that a MkII version (especially in a taller chassis) would come along some day. I like to use my laptop screen for grid and bpm info and don’t have much use for elaborate media players BUT I really need a quality set of jogwheels. Right now, I use my MC4000 controller along with my mixer so I have quality jogs and transport buttons along with the awesome mixer and it’s superior effects and send/return external effects option, but I have to admit that that setup looks wonky even though it’s functional. Looking around the entire DJ gear market, there really isn’t any quality single deck jogwheel MIDI controllers currently offered by any of the DJ gear companies. I’d pay as much as $300 per deck for a quality new midi jogwheel.

Prime and midi are kinda opposites

For a decent midi jog wheel at under 300 cost, I think you’d have to be looking at secondhand upmarket media players

Trust me, I’ve tried. There isn’t anything that really makes any sense. A simple midi jog wheel is all I need and it’s literally impossible to find. I’ve been searching for 3 years. At the moment, I’m stuck with this wonky-looking setup of a dj controller and an X1800 mixer. I thought I found what I was looking for with a pair of Behringer CMD Pl-1’s but the build quality isn’t quite there and the buttons feel cheap. Something like that with great Denon quality and the ability to daisy chain would be awesome. I’d pay up to $300 for something like that.

All I want is a “Dumb” SC5000. I’ve already got a “Smart” SC5000 that can play two streams of audio independently. …just give me a matching size box with just a jog wheel & buttons to control the 2nd layer & I’d be happy. :slight_smile:

You could make one :slight_smile: Check youtube if you haven’t already, I have seen videos of guys converting old cdjs in to what you want. You could probably pickup a broken cdj for next to nothing and take a stab at it.

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I’m not handy like that. I totally second that request for a “Dumb” SC5000 tho.