Prime: Grid detection - phase correction

Hi! I’m just moving from Traktor to Rekordbox, but wasn’t satisfy… So, I decided last week to buy a SC5000 after reading and watching articles and videos… Now, I want to prepare my library in Engine Prime. But… There is no metronom!!! How it is possible??? A dj need a reference to phase exactly everything. Withour metronom, it’s just impossible! So, I create a 8 bar loop as a reference… Now, I want correct the phase issue that the Autogrid create (you know, when you want to forward or rewind by a miliseconde the grid), but I can’t zoom (ctrl + is not working on laptops)… Do you have any advice for a professional workflow? How to compare EXACTLY both grid? How to zoom the waves? So, after the Whouahhh effect, I need to fix that! Please help! Thank you, Hervé.

Hello @Herve Waveform zoom can be done in the preferences. We currently don’t have a metronome, but that’s certainly something we can consider for the future :slight_smile:

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A brain would have concluded, after searching, that most of the stuff mentioned is not possible yet. Everyone on this forum asks for this and it’s all coming soon.

So your question kinda reads as sarcasm, but I’m sure it’s not. Engine Prime is not at the requested level yet. Please bare with us together.

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Lets play nice :slight_smile:

Thank you Chloé! I appreciate. Ok, let see the future… Anyway, I recieved my first SC5000 yesterday and spend a long time to test it (before buying a second one… I’m very impressed. Especially for the cue and loops, so easy to set and use. Certainly better than Pi…er. The display is great, really. I’m still a bit confuse with the menus, but it’s a question of habit… The jog as well. So, I analysed around 1000 songs with Engine Prime and there is a few that I need to correct phase… But for sure, the autodetect is much more efficient that Rekordbox. Finally, I found some workaround and decided to … order the number 2 :wink: Congrat to Denon for this Prime players. They are great. :wink:

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Welcome to the prime user group !

do you convert your rekordbox collection on the SC5000 or do you start all over with setting cue’s/loops?

The auto grid is pretty decent for House and Electro etc. Any music that’s quantized in the studio should be good for Engine Prime analysis. I’m finding disco to be quite frustrating as I have to set a couple hundred grid adjustment markers per track at least but hopefully a better algorithm is on the way, for now you can easily adjust the grid to the beginning (or close to the beginning) of the transients in Engine Prime. A traktor-tier zoom feature would be nice for that.

Good things come to those who wait (and ask for it lol)


Totally a “Pulse” response dude LOL not cool LMAO :joy:

Yeah original post was altered, so I my comment kinda went haywire here… OP originally spoke in the likes of “did someone with a brain concluded this to be a workable software”.

I’m just bugging you :slight_smile: you’re very helpful here.:+1:

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Only some DJ do

There isn’t a single piece of software or one single piece of hardware that is the right choice for every DJ, offering every thing that every DJ wants.

Leaving something behind, this time around it’s a metronome, can heighten compensatory skills.

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