Prime Go with Tractor Pro/Tractor 2?

Can this unit still be used with a laptop running NI Tractor bypassing the internal Prime Engine?

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Hello, I don’t think so yet, hoping they allow this soon, as it is a great way to give people on the edge of switching a way to wean off of their original software while still using it, and engine as a backup until feeling super confident. That’s what I did with my prime 4 using serato, eventually I became super confident with engine. If they release the availability for third party softwares on the go that will be great.

Prime Go has no connection to the computer as a midi controller or a soundcard.

Well that kind of ruins it for me, one thing I was hoping for with the GO was the ability to use it as a MIDI controller as well. Was hoping there was a way to map sound though to PC so I can take advantage of my audio interface that’s already hooked up. It looks like I would have to unhook all my studio monitors and plug directly into the GO anytime I want to use them, or just go with headphones.

If that’s the case, (and sorry, don’t take that as me saying it’s incorrect, that’s not what’s meant) then it’s a bold and overdue move by Denon DJ.

Until the prime sC5000 came out everything for DJ just seemed frozen in ice at about 2000. Just midi controllers, other midi controllers, almost bland. A new midi controller came out and it was just the same as all the other midi controllers, again and again.

Then came midi controllers that could play music straight off usb with no computer hooked up - but they did both, they could be midi and they could be usb players. That was a cautious step into the future but refusing to let go of safe old sensible boring midi.

If the Go is the first of a trend of smart consoles that no longer clings to midi then horrah ! I’m fully behind that idea. Let these devices shine in their own light 100% not some sort of 30/70 or 70/30 compromise.


Midi control is a very secondary thing in the Prime series, as the devices should be stand alone (not needing a computer to work). Then Midi as an option is always welcome, for some applications that stand alone is not enough. If the Midi control will be implemented or not depends on the user demand actually and will be monitored by Denon to give them the idea is it actually needed or not.

My 2 cents of thoughts…

I’d say closer to 3 or 4 cents there.

Standalone or “smart console” which denon seem to be moving toward as a phrase, should be the way you say. How about they’re all smart console only out of the box, but can have their midi side activated in a way that denon can count, to see just how many buyers of smart console do really activate the midi retro fall back option.

Ask them, I don’t mind. I like to have options.

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Versatility is what I’m looking for. Sometimes it’s nice to move it to a bigger screen when not on the go. I also like the ability to take it anywhere. I think once they unlock MIDI control ability the GO will simply become the most versatile system on the market. Seems like something that could easily be done with a firmware update.


+1 on adding MIDI control - I VJ sometimes which isn’t possible yet with Denon Prime as far as playing music videos or visuals, text, VJ fx. Having versatility is key for me so I could use this little bad boy in remote areas without power to control VJ sets. Put it with battery powered speakers (Eon One) lights (uplights, lasers) and pico projectors and you have a light mobile production kit in the middle of nowhere without heavy generators or battery banks.

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