Prime Go vs Mixstream Pro

I have a prime go and recently bought a mixstream pro, it occurred to me that the mixstream is actually the better device, the only selling point for the go is being battery powered, Denon and Numark have missed an opportunity and should make a mixstream battery powered version, some people do not like the built in speakers on the mixstream I think it was a good move from Numark I have found a use for the speakers practically straight away. I thinking to sell my go and use the mixstream instead


I can’t figure out the relationship between them either. I think it proves whoever decides on product development doesn’t really have a clue.

You would expect the more expensive controller to have more features but in this case I agree that apart from the battery the cheaper one actually does more.

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AUX input, one more Mic input, battery powered and LAN. Great for mobile IMHO, but LAN is key here since you can network it like other Prime gear and Akai so it becomes a powerful little performance device that competes with Pioneer.

Edit: a word & Akai link Denon Prime Go + MPC Live with Ableton Link - YouTube

The Go’s primary USP is portability and it certainly is portable, however it becomes a matter of personal preference after that, the Go as I understand it does not work with other Prime Devices , it would be a neat trick if the LC6000s worked with the Prime Go but due to how the Go is designed my understanding is this is not possible. For me at least I see less benefit with the Go over the Mixstream Pro for what I do.

Exactly, i sold already my Prime Go!

Love my Go. I have a completely battery powered setup with it. Perfect for ceremonies in no-power places. Perfect for grab and go gigs. Takes up so little space. Well built. And lots of I/O especially for its size!

Please add feedback reduction or proper EQ or both to the next model and I’ll be 100% happy!

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I would love to see a device that’s just mixer and screen to hook up to the lc6000’s.

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I went with the Mixstream over the Prime Go as well. Disliked the EQ layout and headphone Cue locations for the Prime. Internal battery no issue as its pretty easy to grab a 65w power pack + USB-C to DC cable to power the Mixstream for hours on a charge. An extra USB port is great. I don’t use microphone inputs

The built in speakers are way more useful than I expected.

I have tested Ableton link working wirelessly with My Akai Force & Ableton over the home network with no problems, So not missing the LAN, though haven’t tested via phone hotspot, which would be the make or break for live performances.

Biggest ■■■■ for the Mixstream is the lack of isolating EQ options and X-Over settings, as well as a more configurable fx system.

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