Prime Go: Using Rekordbox USBs as of the end of 2021?

I’m thinking about getting a Prime Go. I’ve read a bunch of threads but many are old, so I was wondering about the current state of things.

I normally DJ in clubs and play events with CDJs, but I’ve been starting to do a few other side events and I’m tired of lugging my whole CDJ setup around for those handful of other events I do and I don’t want to DJ off a laptop. I envision two use cases for me:

  1. Me playing solo: I prep everything in RekordBox as usual and as I understand it, I can use the Engine DJ software on my laptop to prep my USB to work on the Prime Go. I have around 2500 tracks so not too crazy. I’m also using RekordBox 5 so I have the XML export feature available (though I think they added it back in RekordBox 6 now).

  2. Me playing with friends who all have USBs they prepped in RekordBox: So as long as the USB slot on the Prime Go is unused (I’ll have to put my stuff on an SD card since there is only a single USB slot), they can just plug in their USB and it will work (cue points, playlists, beat grids, etc. will show up). My understanding is it may take 15-30 seconds to be ready unless their USB has a tons of tracks on it, but otherwise it will just work.

So…is that all correct? Am I missing anything? Any issues I should be aware of as of the end of 2021? (Obviously it has to be rock solid, no crashes, etc.)

Thanks for your answers, I’m really hoping the Go will work for me!

Fat32 usb/sd prepared in Rekordbox will work.

You can test it out before hand by sticking a USB exported in rekordbox into Engine DJ (desktop) ….you may need to point the software to the xml on the stick.

See if you like the outcome

My advice… rent a Prime Go a few days to test before buy it.

Good to hear. Is the software running on the Prime Go basically the same as the desktop version? If so that would be easy to test.

Hmmm, good suggestion. I’ll have to see if they rent them anywhere. Thx!