Prime go + usb hub?


Does anyone know if it is possible to connect a USB-hub to Denon Prime GO?

(I do not have a USB Hub to test, otherwise I’d check it out myself)

If it does not work Please Denon implement this :star2:

I Really Hope it works :smile: :crossed_fingers:

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It works. I’ve had a Anker Hub and it worked.

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It does not work 100%…

It does not work if you want to connect 2 sources on the hub, but you can connect a source and a USB keyboard for example…

This could be your hub it works fine for me I have had 3 devices connected to a hub before.


also worked for me, had two different sources on it and a soundswitch dongle.

So if I’m getting this right it works to have several USBs/Sources if. you have the right hub.

Will see if I get a USB-C → USB A or just get a USB A hub

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

Hubs, especially unpowered ones are usually risky .

But it’s all down to what you plug into the hub, as to how risky, or how transparent its introduction will be. Three iPads all rapid charging… somethings gonna have connectivity issues… 3 little usb memory sticks … yeah not so bad

Pasha is right, do not charge your iphone or something. But two USB sticks and a Controle One were fine.

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Thanks for all the answers :slight_smile:

I will but a big sign on the hub “ONLY STICKS” :rofl: