Prime Go stand that attaches to normal speaker stand

Does anyone know where I can get one of these stands that connects a Prime Go to a speaker stand? Thanks in advance!

I wouldn’t risk it

Firstly, having all the speaker vibrations piling down through the stand into the Go isn’t going to do any good to the connections

Speaking of connections … it’s bad enough having the “laptop battlements” of a laptop screen hiding the DJ from their audience on a lot of rigs, but having a whopping great speaker isolating the DJ from the room is just crazy

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Is probably not actually going to do any -bad- on the other hand. Every speaker has connections directly on the speaker cabinet itself, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of these rattling loose due to vibrations.

But as a 2ndary unit to play music specifically for a after wedding ceremony cocktail hour, it could be perfect.


Your best bet is to look for laptop stands on music instrument retailer websites. You may need to cobble a few things together - I know there are laptop stands that screw on to a mic stand. You may need to get creative. Sorry I can’t recommend any specific products - but I hope that gets you started.

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My thoughts exactly. Don’t forget there’s an amp inside that speaker, and in every powered speaker on the market - including those huge line array systems pumping out many thousands of watts at concerts and festivals.

There have been some issues with some OEM/3rd party speakers which have had SD card ports on the speaker, to allow music/playlist playback from SD during band beer breaks - but the vibrations from the speaker, doing what speakers do, caused the SD card socket to keep losing “good” connection with the contacts on the SD card -resulting in tracks stopping playback.

True, the amount of vibrations carried down a speaker pole will be less than those found on the back of the speaker itself. But a consideration, none the less.

You’re looking for this and this.