Prime Go Serato Support

Hey, y’all! I’m just trying to make an official feature request for Serato HID/controller support for the Prime Go. It would make a great little controller for Serato DJ, and I could finally make use of the USB B port in the back!

Thanks for your time, and your consideration!


Unless you have already done it, you should also add the Prime 2. This had been often requested and criticized in youtube videos and reviews concerning the Prime 2.

In my eyes, Serato DJ support for both the portable Prime 2 and Go makes more sense than for the bulky Prime 4 with its bigger 10.1“ screen, where a proper laptop screen is less needed.

Wouldn‘t even mind Serato DJ Lite if licensing costs are an issue, as long it works plug n‘ play and users get the choice to upgrade for $99 themselves.

If there had been an own Engine DJ solution (like Rekordbox offers its performance mode for devices like the RX series), I would be fine with that as well. But I won‘t see it coming that soon and Serato is the most popular alternative right now. The RX3 also gets support.

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Adding serato / virtual dj to the Prime GO would be great!!!

I really like see ENGINE support to the whole prime series. Read: connect laptop to the prime and use ENGINE as a library to play from.

I think, You want this to happen:

Yo, I have opened an official Serato DJ request thread for the Prime 2 and Go in the meanwhile, which you can find and vote here.

I also wouldn’t mind an Engine-based solution (performance mode, or at least library mode like Rekordbox offers via Link/LAN) but I just don’t see this coming very soon, while Serato is already there and stable. For a library focused workflow, SDJ Lite would already do the job. Again, my main issue is to have access to a proper laptop screen + keyboard and not having to rely on a small 7" touchscreen, e.g. during complex wedding gigs. Right now, I would have to buy an extra controller just for that (or the bulky P4), which is inconvenient.

good gues… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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