Prime Go SD Card size

I am in the process of getting a prime go. How big of an SD card can I use in the unit? Would a 128 work and what type do I need to get?

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128GB would work fine. Regarding speed, get the fastest class you can, slower ones will work fine but I would expect tasks like track loading to be quicker on faster classed cards.

I have a 1TB Sandisk MicroSD card and an adapter, Will try it!

Im using Sony Tough M, 256GB SDXC UHS-II V60 3 works awesome fast

Confirmed! Sandisk 1TB MicrosSD card working. I tested ~ 90,000 tracks, 700+ GB in use.

Beware of Chinese FAKE cards, get it from a reputable dealer.

This card can be purchased from B&H Photo, Amazon or Sandisk direct.


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