Prime Go Repair

How do I get in contact with denon tech support to get my controller repaired. Do anyone know?

Same question over here. The cue and play buttons need to be replaced. In the cd-player age this could be easily done myself. But the prime 4 looks a bit more complicated.and U can’t find any repair guides.

Dependant on location, the first port of call is through your retailer. If it’s out of warranty I guess raising a support ticket would be the right method.

I just had my Prime Go repaired in the UK, which was out of warranty.

There is a live chat option on the support page, spoke to a guy called Jack who then sent a form through to create a support and return ticket. Sent the unit to Inmusic and it arrived back within two weeks.

Mine needed two new sweep effect knobs because the filter was sounding really crackly for lack of a better description.