Prime Go Portable Mixer

Would like recommendations for a small mic mixer for the Prime Go.

Not looking to spend silly money, just something which allows me to EQ the Mic

I’ve had one of these for years and it’s perfect.

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Opted here as well:

What mic or mics have you tried?

I posted this last year after hearing a Twitch streamer using it with the Go:

Not sure if it’s realistic, but maybe start a feature request for a mic-software-EQ for the Go? :blush:

It’s already been confirmed it’s not possible as the mic channels are hardware routed.

Ah, gotcha :+1:

Definitely check out the A&H Zed-6FX. Super high-quality mic pres and just overall. And FX too if ya ever need them!

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Some of older DJs on here may remember Stanton’s SCS 4DJ in 2011 which the Prime Go is really the MkII version of. It too did not have EQ on the Mic channel.

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That’s a great bit of kit or possibly the Yamaha MG06?

That’s a real mind-trip there! Wow! 2011 too. Still on their website and looks like last updated in 2014. How incredibly interesting! And with the usual EQ config.

And here it is the father of the Prime Go; the Stanton SCS 4 DJ

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Yes, the last firmware update for the SCS 4DJ was in early 2014.

Or this maybe …. It’s available from various places and outputs at mic levels , unlike most mini mixers