Prime GO lagging and freezing after 2.3.0

After the 2.3.0 update, I realized when I was on stage that, after playing a wile on the battery, I was surprised when I start playing the next cued song that I’ve missed the beat, which it was odd for me, but I corrected and went on… Than again, and again, and after that i was paying attention to the display, when I saw that the whole unit was freezing for a split second every 8 seconds or so, not the music, but the unit it self. The graphics on the display, the flashing of the play/cue auto loop and all of the other buttons. When I pressed the play button or the hot cue on this exact moment, the same happened as if i did’t pressed it, or it lagged. When I’ve connected the power supply, the problem was little by little wenting away. A have the Prime 4 as well and those little freezings are happening too, but, on the display only. All of that started after the 2.3.0 update, and I already updated both units to the 2.3.1 and those issues still the same. Our community needs to have those issues taken cared of. Thanks for the Attention DJ Cadu.

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