Prime GO Jog Wheel Sensitivity Adjustment

Would anyone happen to know how to adjust the jog wheel sensitivity of the Prime GO. I need to back it down a bit but can’t seem to find out where the adjustment is hiding.

Hi @jnyvio

You cannot adjust the physical tension of the platters on the hardware itself (how resistant the wheel is with Wheel adjust) on the Prime Go.

You can adjust the ‘Nudge Sensitivity’ in the software. This determines the level of sensitivity when moving the platters: Low, Mid, Norm, or High.

To get to this setting:

  • Press and hold the View button to open the Menu.
  • Press Utility on screen to access Utility menu
  • Scroll down to Nudge Sensitivity and try the different settings to determine your personal preference.

Than you so much!! This is exactly what i was looking for.

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