Prime go issues

I just got my Prime Go, 2 days ago, and first thing I did was update to version 1.5 unit was working ok for first few hours, than after a few more hours of testing everything out, I noticed that the right side platter had issues with Viynl mode and it froze up on me, also sweep FX stop working. I tried using it today and now on both side the pads for Hot cue, loops, Rolls etc. not working at all. Still having issues with right side platter, freezing up and Viynl mode. Trying to revert to 1.4 but I can not find it. I’m seeing a lot of issues on this unit, I have bought Denon products in the past and never experienced anything like this. So far I have a very bad taste…at the price point of these units this should not be happening. Hopefully this can be fixed somehow with an update. Let’s see what happens next, really wishing for the best on this unit cause I really like it, but if this persist I might have to return for a refund.

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Hi @Juanc, welcome to the forum.

See here:

Deck 2 Platter Locked (no playback) After Updating to v1.5.2 - SMART CONSOLES / PRIME GO - Official Denon DJ Forum

and specifically the workaround here:

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Thank you I have reverted to 1.4 and working great now.

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