Prime Go freezing mid set after update to 2.2.0

Hey Everyone,

Has anybody had the issue where the prime Go freezes mid set?

It’s don’t it on the past 2 nights. The only thing I can think is it’s when I’m going between sources.

I’m going to re analyse the card today and see if that’s the cause.

It happened mid dance floor last night at a wedding, I was the MC so I joked about it as it was outdoors, on the cold side (15 odd degrees Celsius)…. Got the dance floor singing Super Bass and joked with them about the system freezing due it being cold etc.

This issue was not happening pre update so it’s either the database of the firmware.

Any advice welcome.


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For me continue to happen this issue since 2-3 updates back, only on different tracks, not all, and only on Prime Go, Prime 4 never had this issue. I write here but non of the update resolve the problem, so I stopped to bring the Prime Go to public gigs to not make the stupid face and I bought a xdj-rr, now i try to sell the prime go.

I’m having the same issue on my prime go. System just freezes mid set and then shuts its self off. I never had this problem before I updated the new firmware. Did you guys find a fix? It’s such a ■■■■ off. Thanks guys

Hey BadTwin,

I think it could be due to. either Dropbox (I don’t use it and noticed it was enabled) or a faulty USB drive.

I was running Tidal, 1 USB, 1 SD Card and no run only SD card and Tidal.

This has made it stable.