Prime Go features not working

I Just received my PRIME GO. It’s a slick little machine. There are a few things that are not working however. Im wondering if anyone else is experiencing these issues and knows a fix for them.

The issues I’m having:

  1. Tidal does not load the BPM or Key information while searching through tracks.
  2. I can’t preview tracks while streaming through Tidal.
  3. No Soundcloud. Has anyone seen an update on this?

If anyone has info on these three issues Id love to hear!


Hi @Designer_Sound, welcome to the forum!

  1. I think that’s a Tidal issue and the API that gets the info, but I could be wrong and perhaps it’s in the works.
  2. Preview isn’t something that’s available at the moment using streaming services.
  3. In the works.

Still waitingggggggg for the Prime Gooooo

In terms of priorities, a new computer keyboard might be something you need first. Some of your keyboard keys seem to be stickingggggg :slight_smile:


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Received ! Amazing device

Tidal works perfectly once authorized from a computer/ipad…

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How is this accomplished once on the computer?

There are tutorials here…

I’ve had that all set up.

As of right now the only way to see bpm/key data is if you play a song while you have a drive/usb stick connected to the device, as it saves that data to the drive.

This allows you to have that information the next time you play the song.

I more so was wondering why Tidal doesn’t load that info before any song is even played…

Im sure with time this will be fixed. I hope lol.

Because Tidal doesn’t have BPM and key info. It’s a consumer service, and consumers don’t need BPM and key info.

See my reply here

Yes Tidal is beginning to be integrated into DJ software, but it’s not primarily a DJ service.

I used to use Djay(Im not a pro DJ) which had Spotify(before Spotify pulled out of everything). Spotify/Djay used to provide all of that info along with suggest songs in the same BPM/Genre and let you preview the tracks…

So it can be done.

Yes it can be done, but not by Denon DJ. The service used must provide this information, otherwise the onboard software of the Prime devices infers it from it’s analysis.

You need to contact Tidal rather than Denon to provide this. If Tidal don’t provide an API to get this information then there is no way for Denon to get it from Tidal, it is very simple.

Of course if you bothered to read and understand the above posts then you would already know this…

I understand it’s a Tidal API issue. I read the answers. Tidal needs to hear from Denon. Not me. If it’s an issue/feature request we discuss here, it’s more likely that Denon will read this feedback and discuss with Tidal, their partner, on a solution.

But if you look at the Tidal listings in Djay, you’ll see that there’s no BPM, no key - just the artist/title and the length. Even if you select “matching songs”, it lists them but still no BPM and key.

I hope that tidal add the two extra columns of fields or tags mentioned here. I’d like tidal to add a searchable or filter field for something like “Type” which would filter tracks which are Ringtones, Karaoke, Cover versions etc just leaving us with “Original” or “Radio edit”. Sometimes you can tell the ringtones from the duration but spotting the karaoke and “in the style of” cover versions isn’t so easy