Prime Go + external mixer/gear

I have my eye on the Prime Go. Will use it in combination with a drummachine and a Synth.

As the aux input doesn’t have cue/prefader listen, I need to connect the Prime and the other hardware to an external mixer and use this as main mixer with headphones and main mix out to FOH.

Will any outputs from the Prime allow me to prelisten the to Prime decks on the other mixer?

Booth out? Or headphone out → main mixer? ( how is the sound quality?)

I will be syncing Prime + drum machine by ear.

Does any of You run a similar setup? Any tips?


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Why the Go in particular? For example with the Prime 4 you could DJ on two channels and use the other two for drum machine and synth (all with cue).

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Because I need to travel with it… But I’ll look into it: if I upgrade, I can maybe skip the external mixer.

I have the same problem. I just wish that this device worked well with grooveboxes/synths/drum machines. It would be the perfect portable device to work with dawless live set.


Exactly! It is so close to be perfect for a dawless live setup…The search goes on🤗