Prime Go Driver Installer Failure 1.0.1 - Windows 10&11

Hello! First Post:

I cannot install the Denon Prime Go drivers for Virtual DJ from the Denon Prime Go website, or the google drive link that was floating around. is what’s happening:

  • Once I connect my prime go, it just show’s “Computer Mode” on the device - no VDJ skin boots (event though I have it installed via the extensions tab) Everything works as a midi controller, but the screen doesn’t display anything

  • I get the option to use my computer’s audio, but I can’t select the the Denon’s audio and below those options it gives me the message to download the drivers.

  • I’ve tried installing the drivers on 2 computers - both my windows 10 machine as well as my windows 11 surface pro. When I right-click and run as administrator, after I agree to let it make changes, a window pops up and flashes twice briefly with the title Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable 2015-2022 (x64). I have tried reinstalling the visual C++ package before trying it again, but to no avail.

All the drivers look fine in the device manager, except for the ‘PRIME GO Audio’ driver, which is made by Microsoft, version 10.0.22000.653 All the rest of the drivers in there are also Microsoft drivers

I have tried uninstalling all the drivers while the device Is unplugged and then trying to install the drivers, again to no avail. (PRIME GO Audio, Prime GO midi, Denon Dj Remote Screen, and there used to be one called PRIME GO display, but I don’t see it anymore) I also reinstalled the current version of engine OS onto the prime go

The solution here that I’d like to try is to manually install the drivers, however, the drivers don’t seem to be accessible without the installer. If someone from Denon or someone seeing this post could post them, that’d be greatly appreciated

Computer Stats: My Denon DJ Prime Go is on version 2.3.1, I’ve tried the most recent VDJ (as of 9/5/22), and I have also tried the early access versions 7123 and 7093 My windows 10 machine: Windows 10 home, version 21h1, i9 32gb ram My windows 11 Surface Pro: Windows 11 Pro, version 21H2, i7, 16gb ram

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Here’s a solution.

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Thank you! This was my exact issue, I had to uninstall and reinstall 4 packages total, but I think the ones that mattered were the 2015-2022 redistributable(s) (x64, x86) that for an icon had the little gray PC, CD, and CD box on them. there were some others named the same thing that had other default icons, but uninstalling those did not help, ty!

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Glad it helped! I’m not sure if is an OS thing or a Denon DJ thing but they’ll know about it now.


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