Prime Go Custom Case

So I am custom modding an all in one road case (Was originally for a Numark NS7), so its huge. I am putting a furman PL Plus, 2 EV Wireless Mics, RCF M18 digital Mixer, and a DBX DriveRack 2, a custom 3D printed i Pad stand to lay an 12" iPad Pro flush with the Prime Go, a Wireless HDMI transmitter, Eclipse DMX, and Lightcaster Wireless DMX.

My question is in laying things out, the best spot for the Prime Go is all the way to the front right. My only concern is. Can I go tight against the right side of the case? There are like 4 vent slots near the rear on the right side of the go. Are they decorative, or necessary for airflow?

PS I was originally intending to use this case for my Prime 4, but everything wouldn’t fit with the Prime 4, so I shifted gears.

OK don’t flood me with so many responses at once. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I wasn’t sure about securing the Prime Go with a Foam surround, since all the major case manufacturers do it, but I decided to go a different route… Here is the build so far.

looks good. i had thought about doing something similar but wasn’t sure if it would work. my goal is to make my setup as light as possible but sturdy and functional. any idea on home much that weights?

Maybe 80lbs iso if i had to guess. I am going to lose the slide shelf and mount the mic receivers down in the case as my S1 sound switches arrived. Which will go where the mics are sitting. That should shed 5-10 lbs.