Prime go, crossfader off but crossfader still controls Hue

Hello there.

I have an Prime Go. It is connected to Engine Lightning with Philips Hue.

In the drop down menu of the Prime Go, I switched off my crossfader. So I do not use the crossfader. Last time I noticed that the lightning was almost not reacting on my left channel. And it was reaction on the right channel. And I just figured out why.

Even with my crossfader turned off, the lightning is reacting to it! So if I accidentally push my crossfader to the left, the lightning will only react to the music on my left channel. And is dark when I play music on my right channel.

I dont think this is how it should work. If the crossfader is turned off in the menu of the player, lightning should also not react to the crossfader anymore.

I am not bothered by it. I know it now. But took me some time to figure out. And thought I should share it here.

Hi @Hubert ,

In the preferences of Engine Lightning you can choose a fader mode.

  • open Engine Lighting
  • open Preferences tab (of Engine Lightning)
  • Scroll down to Fader Mode
  • Select Upfader Only (instead of Blend)

Hopefully this is what you’re looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Addie,

Thank you for the answer. Yes, I never thought to look at the settings there. This is great!

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