Prime Go Battery Replacement

Hi. My battery is lasting 2h 50 mins so I have thought about changing it. Is it possible to change in a Denon official service?

No one?

Has anyone ever request this?

There’s a mini-discussion on Reddit with a link to a parts company. If it’s out-of-warranty that might be an option. Except, the parts distributor says “special order.” You could be going down a rabbit hole.

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That’s the one that you need. It’s from a third party.

Denon DJ/inMusic service can do it too.

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Thanks man. So i guess it’s better to use a PD 65W powerbank 20000 mah as a portable battery than buying this. Cheaper and easier

I guess that’s the alternative. I’ve wondered, if the battery is completely dead and won’t charge will the Prime Go still operate normally on plugin power?

It should just bypass the battery.

I have just bought this duo in Amazon: Powerbank + Cable Adapter

Baseus Power Bank, 65W Power Bank 20000mAh USB C to 20V DC5.5x2.5 cable

i think this should work for hours.

This is so good idea to find specific Powerbank that works for ANY DJ equipment, It is useful when you want stay connected during live stream or Mixing outside of house without wiring. I hope there’s huge customized powerbank for multiple devices working up to 24hours. It might be expensive but it worth buying

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In music using the same battery technology for Prime Go, Mixstream Pro Go and Live 1 & 2, a 14.8v battery 4s 18650 lion with the bms on the mainboard, not inside the battery module like we find now days everywhere. So i will buy a 14.8v 4s battery with 2 wire (instead of 8 + 2 wire), and connect the 2 wire red and black ph2.0 connector of the board. If is charging will be a good news to everyone, as the battery price is just 8.4 euro instead of 224 euro :joy:

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Man if this helps please post it here!

I will for sure